To begin a beginning…

It seems that the beginning of a new venture – this blog- should be marked with something profound. Something more profound than ‘this is the beginning’. But that’s what it is. Actually it’s my second beginning. My first attempt was marred by the pressure to try to sound more serious and profound than a blog is, I’ve come to believe, meant to be. I’m not yet sure what I want this one to be either.

What I hope to do is post more frequently than I did before with less pressure to sound profound. I hope this iteration will allow me to share my musings on books I’m reading, snippets of shared conversations, thoughts on work in general and observations on photography and photographs in particular.

There is no way for me to know if I have anything to add to the stew of discussion already available on line. Who has the time to read this stuff anyway? Some of what I read on line truly inspires me. Much of it is tedious drivel. Who needs more of that?

If you have any thoughts or observations to share, I’d love to get them and possibly share them in this forum. If anything you see inspires, let me know. If it’s more drivel, lemme know as well. Thanks.



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