Competition vs. Winning

My doubles partner, Art.

My doubles partner, Art.

I enjoy playing tennis. I have a standing date every Sunday afternoon with a group of regulars to play doubles. What I enjoy most is the competition to play my best, even more than winning. Don’t get me wrong,  I enjoy winning. But I’d rather play my best game and lose a set than play wimpy and win. Although there are different guys who show up each week, there are certain combinations of players that are going to make me rise up and play my best. Those are my favorite days.

It’s the same with my work. I love the jobs that make me a little uncertain of what I’m going to encounter on a location when I arrive. What are the challenges of communicating the message I have to convey for my client? They force me to rise to the occasion, to be “on game.” I enjoy looking for the best image, not just the first one we find. Getting a solid, safe photo can be considered a “win,” but getting a tougher image that better conveys a client’s message pushes me in a more satisfying way.

What pushes you to be your best?



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