Keeping an Ear to the Pulse

I just read a great example of using social media for marketing in a constructive and relevant way. In this story, the developers of Bacon Salt – a spice that makes everything taste like bacon – explain how they used social media platforms to generate buzz before a product was even ready to sell. But the take-away message for me was not so much that they generated buzz, but how they handled it.

In her book “Marketing to Women,” Marti Barletta emphasizes that when marketers speak to the needs of women, the bar is raised for men as well. And although women are generally willing to express it more than men, what is one of the most important needs all people have? To be listened to, to be heard. Apparently Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow have learned and responded to that need and succeeded through the process. Like all relationships, time committed and genuine interest are more important than money spent trying for a quick result. Having a product that generates good buzz doesn’t hurt. But the key to growth is handling that buzz in a thoughtful manner.

Could it be that financially tight times could lead to better service and listening to buyers needs?

Charles Gupton


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