AIA Inauguration

AIA President Marvin Malecha and past-President Marshall Purnell

AIA President Marvin Malecha and past-President Marshall Purnell

The American Institute of Architects held the installation of it’s new president, Marvin Malecha, this past week at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. The NPG is one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration. The frequency with which they change the exhibits makes it a treat to return to often.

My buddy KC Ramsay and I were commissioned to photograph the inauguration along with some portraits of Marvin within the beautiful courtyard. Although I am pleased with the image I was able to create from the presentation, much of the credit needs to be given to the subjects for it’s success. To create this type of image requires cooperation. Too often executives feel they don’t have even a few extra seconds, much less minutes, to create an image that is not only creatively more interesting, but makes them look better as well. In this case, because we were prepared ahead of time and had their cooperation, I was able to make this image within a few seconds. With all of the past presidents and the audience behind them, they now have an image which tells a more complete story of the evening.

I always appreciate having a trusting relationship with a client who allows me to put their best interests to the front of my creative planning. Thanks AIA. Thanks Marvin. And congratulations!



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