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Although I am new to Twitter, I’m not new to putting my foot in my mouth. I learned many years ago – then forgot the lesson several times through the years – that everything that one thinks doesn’t need to be stated. This is true whether the words are passing through our lips or our fingers. If one doesn’t care about influencing others, so be it. But if you are in the business of ‘selling’ your ideas then you’d better be in the business of selling yourself.  Is it worth it to go for the quick-witted remark at the expense of your long-term relationships?

This post by David Henderson details a case where a moment’s thought could have saved a great deal of embarrassment.

I read about this story from Chris Brogan, as I have so many other great leads and insights.

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One Response to Twitter Twit

  1. Suzanne says:

    Congrats on joining twitter! And a big congrats for learning the “foot in mouth” lesson early. There’s a lot of junk on twitter, but if you just remember that it’s a continuous conversation, you’ll be fine.

    Chris Brogan is always full of great insight.

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