Not Without Hope – Introduction

Whether you read or listen to the news, follow blogs or simply engage in conversation in or out of the office, you’ll find it difficult to avoid dire news of our economic state. I have no interest in sticking my head in a hole nor ignoring the impact it’s having, to some degree, on everybody. But I do have an interest in focusing on the positive opportunities that it does present. And there are many.

As I interact with people each day I listen for stories of hope and optimism – stories of people who are out of work but have positive, hopeful stories of how they are using this time to re-evaluate, redirect or otherwise use this time as an opportunity in their lives.

At some point in the past few weeks I realized I could gather some of those stories and share them with you. My hope is that, as you read them, you’ll realize an opportunity in your own life to grow in some new directions, appreciate the gifts you already possess and use them to build up the lives around you as well.

The stories will be posted as I hear them and will be their own words.

If you know anyone who is swimming against the current of economic fear and would like to tell their story, please have them contact me.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts.

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