Not Without Hope – Anora McGaha

I met Anora through the process of getting  word out  about this series. She responded with great ideas about finding people with positive stories to tell. Not only did I discover that Anora is connected with an amazing number of great thinkers and innovators but she also had a great story to tell as well. From my observation, she finds great hope in helping  people find connections with each other as well as her assistance in leading them to understand many of the ins and outs of doing business in the social media environment. Every person I’ve met who knows her claims their life is better because of her friendship.

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Anora McGaha

Anora McGaha

I live in the Triangle and have seen a lot of changes in my work life.

Reorganizations in the company where I worked changed my job from project management to marketing. A lot to learn. A few years later I was laid off, so I began pursuing a career in massage therapy. More to learn. That felt like a real good fit, until one day I hurt my hands. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t do that work. While my hands healed I was lucky enough to get married to a wonderful man. We moved from his place and my place and landed in a new home together.

Exploring different options, I became very interested in writing in blogs, and that led me to explore social media, publicity and advertising. More to learn. I’m in business for myself offering writing services and internet publicity services. Always learning.

The way I stay hopeful is to continue to learn and continue to find ways to be helpful to others. ~ Anora McGaha


One Response to Not Without Hope – Anora McGaha

  1. Henie says:


    It is indeed all about learning, giving and being grateful! :~)

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