Charles and Sadie.

Charles and Sadie.

Because I’m a photographer this blog should be, ostensibly, about photography. But having read dozens and dozens of photography blogs, I find most of them to be very one dimensional. I find that the blogs I return to on a regular basis are ones written by individuals with a wide range of experiences and interests in life.

I’ve also seen that the most successful blogs are those that become a conversation and that offer thoughtful value into a reader’s life. Although it’s a lofty ambition, I hope to do both. I would appreciate having your thoughts and observations.

If you should return to this space from time to time, I hope you’ll find conversations on (in no particular order) work, constructive play, food, relationships, customer service, books, other writers who offer interesting thoughts and anything else I may stumble upon as I meander. And there may be some photography as well.

As for photography, I believe I photograph real people, really well for a variety of business and personal commission clients. I’ve worked with corporate, advertising and editorial clients throughout  the US and worldwide.

Thanks for dropping by.



One Response to About

  1. Tom Landen says:

    Hi Charles…thanks for the great conversation at the YMCA and the directions to your website and blog. I’m seeing that you are a Renaissance Man. Aren’t you somewhat out of place living near the hinterlands of Vance county. Then again, there may be purpose. As a friend told me, “You bloom where God plants you.”

    Your photography is superb and eclectic. You are well-traveled; certainly enough adventures there for a book…illustrated with your photos, no less! Best, TOM

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